How to reduce your A1c and prevent diabetic complications


Attention Diabetics . . . .


Jump, Run, Play, Laugh, Dance, Flirt, Swim, Shop, Walk With the Vigor of a Youth AGAIN!

How would you like to do all of these things and more — all while healing your body of this terrible disease? I have designed a set of workout routines that’s easy to do. They target specific areas of the body and are EASY to learn.

Specifically Designed for Diabetics —

How to Prevent Diabetes Complications” will help you:

  • Increased circulation to the extremities
  • Reduce Pins & Needles Pain!
  • Lose Body Fat! Obese No More!
  • And much more

Get these amazing results and much more…

On the following pages I will explain many of the benefits you will get from this book. You’ll discover proven training techniques that will get you results fast and make you look and feel great. Whether you’ve had diabetes for years or just discovered that you are pre-diabetic, this is must-have information.

You will see and feel muscles you never knew you had. Get fit without using expensive supplements, fad diets or dangerous drugs.

If you are using insulin or other medications and want to wean yourself off them, this is the number one solution.

By investing less than 3 hours a week in this fool-proof muscle building system you can dramatically lower your blood glucose level, lower your risk of heart disease and even decrease your bad cholesterol while increasing your HDL or good cholesterol.

Owen Lecky

Dear Friend,

If you are a diabetic, this may be some of the most important information you’ll ever receive.

diabetes3While most diabetics are resigned to take medications for the rest of their lives or bounce from one potential cure to another I want to show you how you can beat this disease and the complications that it brings.

For example, one of the things I am going to show you in “How to Prevent Diabetes Complications” is how to restore feeling in your hands and feet. Just imagine what it would be like to feel the blood pumping through-out your aching body removing all the wastes and building rock-hard muscle at the same time.

You won’t have to inject insulin like it’s going out of style because your body will be working more efficiently to burn up the excess glucose circulating in your blood stream.

You will be able to breathe better. That means more oxygen will be getting into your body to heal and energize you. Now you will have more ‘get up and go’ energy to do the things you’ve always wanted to do.

Did you know that the best time for your body to heal itself is when you are sleeping? If you haven’t been getting a good night sleep then you could be missing out on a great opportunity to speed up your body’s natural healing abilities. You could be doing long-term damage to your body. After following my program you will be able to fall asleep easily and sleep through the night.

Your goal should be to reduce weight safely

If you are a diabetic who is suffering from obesity then it’s crucial for you lose as much excess body fat as possible. This will help to lessen some of the complications associated with this disease. Your goal should be to reduce the weight safely and in a consistent manner until you reach your target weight. You didn’t gain the weight over night so it’s important not to lose it too quickly.

I’ll show you how to lose weight naturally and keep it off for as long as you want without getting on any of those yo yo diets. By this time next year you could be at least thirty pounds or more lighter, if that’s your goal . . . with a completely transformed body.

How do you accomplish all this? Is there some magic pill that you have to take or expensive equipment to purchase? Absolutely not. You have to get motivated I’ll show you the best way to get and stay motivated.

Just imagine having the body you’ve always wanted … wearing clothes you haven’t worn for sometime. You will have to invest in a new wardrobe because all your present outfits will be too loose. Your friends and family will want to know what diet you were on to look so good.

As a diabetic it’s important to exercise your body

How to Prevent Diabetes Complicationswill explain basic exercises that will empower you to take control over this disease … instead of it controlling you.

image of group exercise

As a diabetic it’s important that you exercise your body at least four times each week. But not just any type of exercise. I’ve designed a fitness program specifically for you. It is geared to help you lose body fat and build muscles in a short time.

You will target certain muscle groups to aid in improving the flow of energy to that specific area. For example, I will show you how to increase the feeling in your legs by performing certain lower body exercises. At the same time you will strengthen and tone your legs to the envy of friends and family.

The “Talk Test”

Here is a good test to gauge exercise intensity. Its called the talk test. If you can hold a conversation without being out of breath while exercising, then you are not exerting enough effort. If you can barely talk to your partner then you are exerting too much effort. Find the happy medium between the two extremes and that’s the zone you want to be in when exercising … I’ll discuss related topics and show you a simple formula to calculate your target heart rate.

What is your basal metabolic rate and what does it have to do with exercising? I’ll explain all these and much more.

You must speed up your metabolism

Did you know even while you are reading this letter you are burning calories? Its my goal to show you how to speed up your metabolism so you can burn even more calories when relaxing.

Diabetes is a seriously debilitating disease that has many long-term effects you wouldn’t wish on your enemies … why suffer these effects when you can reverse and even rid yourself of most, if not all, of them.

Well now you can by just by consistently following the routines laid out in “How to Prevent Diabetes Complications“. In as little as two weeks you will begin to feel better … after thirty days you will start transforming your body into the new you.

470_2687385[1]I have developed a program to fit your needs as a diabetic. It’s easy to follow and is very adaptable. If you are away from home you can still perform it.

My method of exercising involves speeding up your metabolism so that you will burn more calories and get the blood pumping more efficiently throughout your body. This is accomplished by a series of exercises that are easy to do and are geared to fit your individual needs.

Exercise should be a prescription handed out by your physician

For many people exercise is drudgery. Who wants to workout after working all day? When you are in pain exercise is the last thing you want to hear about. Most people would rather take a pill than to get to the root of their problem.

I would like to change the way you look at exercising. Think of it as a prescription from your doctor. Walk two miles and call me in the morning. That’s a lot cheaper than popping pills at $100.00 a bottle.

The amount of money you spend on prescription medications in a year could pay for a 5-year membership in your local YMCA or fitness club.

For less than what it would cost you to fill up your gas tank you can have my program and be started on your way to a new you.

One of the keys to sticking to an exercise program is to choose an activity that you enjoy such as swimming, jogging or cycling. As you become engrossed in that activity pretty soon it will become a habit. Experts say that something becomes habitual after about three weeks.

I will show you exercises you can do sitting in a chair at home, in front of the TV.

If you are willing to start investing just 2 hours and 40 minutes each week you will be well on your way to improved health.

This is my story

This is what I did to turn my health around. I worked fifty hours or more a week at a very demanding job but I was determined to put the odds in my favor for a better quality of life. With a wife and two kids at home I knew I had to make good use of my time.


I made the time to join a local gym. When I first joined I had no idea what I was doing or where to even begin. So I started observing what other gym members were doing. I asked a lot of questions and made a lot of notes.

As a result of all my written observations, I have compiled and condensed all of the knowledge I’ve learned over the years into a compact training manual.

If there is one thing I’ve learned in my life it’s that it pays, many times over, to find out what others already know. This saves you a ton of time because you can shorten the learning curve that comes with figuring it out yourself.

Over the years I have had many friends and family members with diabetes who wanted to know what kinds of exercises they could do to relieve their diabetic complications. I designed exercise programs for them with good results.

I wished I had known about these exercises a lot sooner. You see I lost my mother to diabetes. This is one of the reasons I decided to put this program together. My hope is that it will save someone’s mother, father, brother, sister or some other relative or friend.

What will my program do for you?

If you are ready to make major improvements in your health, keep reading. These are some of the things you will learn in “How to Prevent Diabetes Complications“:

How to get and stay motivated. This is very important especially in the first three weeks of starting the program.

What’s the best place to give yourself an insulin shot before you start exercising. It does make a difference.

What is a MET value and how you can use it to find out the best exercises for you?

How to calculate your target heart rate and why you need to do this

How to avoid injuries. When you start an exercise program there are certain rules you should follow to prevent injuries.

How to identify the symptoms of hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia and what to do when they occur

How exercise lowers your glucose level

The best exercise to stop the tingling in your hands and feet

A check list of the things you need to know before you start jogging

-And much more

Easily adaptable sample plans

I have laid out sample exercise plans to fit most everyone’s needs. Choose the one that best fits you and watch as your body begins to transform itself. If you are a beginner I will lead you by the hand, step by step, through each routine so that you are comfortable in performing them by yourself.

If you are advanced then get back to the basics of building muscles and increasing strength. Every pound of muscle you gain you will be burning an extra 60 calories each day. I will show you how to get rid of those ‘difficult to lose’ pounds.

The information being offered in “How to Prevent Diabetes Complications” took many years of hard work and determination to put together, and could easily be sold for a lot more than it’s being of offered for. It is my goal to get this information into the hands of as many diabetics as possible because it can literally be a lifesaver to them. For that reason this package is being offered for the unbelievable low price of $47. I know that if you are serious about improving your health and want to start on the road to recovery now, you won’t waste any time getting this handbook.

The people who procrastinate and say I’ll do it tomorrow or another time will continue to suffer with no hope of relief. Your only salvation is from expensive medication, which is not guaranteed to cure you but just temporarily relieve your diabetic symptoms.

I would like to reward your fast response. If you order “How to Prevent Diabetes Complications” within the next 72 hours I will also send you the following FREE bonuses.

Bonus #1 “Do You Crave RELIEF For Numb Toes, Legs or Fingers? Burning or Tingling Sensations? Sharp PINS & NEEDLES PAIN? Extreme Sensitivity to Touch? Retinopathy? Circulation Problems?”

This invaluable information was written by the Diabetic Warrior ( ) and is part of his news letter which sells for $69.00. You will get information that’s not easily available elsewhere.

Bonus #2 I will also include an exercise chart specifically designed for diabetics

You can’t place a value on this concise chart.

— Bonus #3 I will give you a METS value table which gives the METS equivalent of over twenty five exercises. This is included with your e-book.

— Bonus #4 I will also provide you with a pounds to kilogram conversion chart.

You can easily scan this chart to convert your weight in lbs to kgs. This is useful when figuring out the amount of calories you need to burn.

These bonuses in and of themselves more than make up for the cost of this information.

And to give you even more peace of mind in ordering this package, I’m offering you a chance to try the information completely at my risk . . .


Two months Rock Solid, No-Risk Guarantee . . .

Upon receipt of the information in this package, take a full 2 months to review it at your leisure. Use it as much as you need to and if for any reason you are not completely satisfied return it to me within that time for a full, no questions asked refund with my compliments. You can still keep the bonus gifts worth over $150.00.

That’s how much I believe you will be delighted with this package.

Why not take control of your life right now. Tomorrow is not guaranteed and yesterday is gone. Do it now and you will be on your way to a new you within hours. Join me now and you won’t look back.

Sincerely Yours,

Owen Lecky

PS: After you receive the information and begin using it, write me and let me know what it’s doing for you. These are the best letters I can receive. Diabetes is no joke and now you have a choice. You can continue to suffer and hope for a miracle cure or begin now on the road to recovery. Take action now. For less than the price of a dinner for two you can join the many folks who are enjoying the benefits of having started an exercise program that is sure to improve your health.

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